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The Student Who Needs Mill Creek

The inability to succeed in school can stem from several causes at once. A student may have a history of academic failure, poor motivation or school avoidance. He or she may struggle with anxiety, overwhelming feelings of depression or avoidant behaviors.

Some students come to us with identified learning differences and the frustration that accompanies such difficulties. These feelings often lead to patterns of avoidant behavior or self-defeating thoughts or actions. For a struggling adolescent, the most inviting thing about Mill Creek is its peaceful, supportive, intimate atmosphere.

Mill Creek offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum. Our students come to us with academic potential ranging from average through gifted. Small class size and the ability to individualize the curriculum to accommodate unique learning styles helps to ensure success. By taking a flexible and creative approach to problem solving, while providing a personalized program, our students are able to regain their sense of self-confidence and hopefulness as they look toward the future.

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