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"When I first arrived, I was lost, lonely and utterly afraid of people. Now I leave with confidence, self-worth and ambitions for the future."

2002 Graduate

"We want to thank you for creating an atmosphere for our son to not only survive in, but thrive. We will always be grateful for your support."

Parents of 2009 Graduate

"Your acceptance of my son to your school has given him the opportunity to have his life back. Without Mill Creek, he would have continued to spiral downward. You have given him the ability to not only succeed in school, but also the exposure of wonderful people. The staff and students have been supportive and accepted him for who he is, which I will be forever grateful for. Mill Creek is truly a magical place."

Current Parent — 2010

"Without Mill Creek, who knows where I would be today. The staff have helped me achieve things I never thought possible and attain the normalcy I've always wanted."

2005 Graduate

"I think the reason why this school is truly different is because of the kids. The building, the teachers, the assignments — all of these things interact to bring out the best of every student here, but, ultimately, it's who the students are that bring out the best in our teachers and school."

2007 Graduate

"Just the fact that I don't have to fight with my daughter about going to school every morning is incredible! I used to have to force her to go and there was so much tension in our relationship. Now she wants to go! And without all the fighting, we have our daughter back again."

Current Parent — 2009

"I have been able to do well at Mill Creek because the teachers just don't let you mess up; they stick with you until you do well. They also take the time to explain things. That works for me. You can work out your problems here and learn at the same time. I guess the small size helps you get to know one another well. When you feel bad, other students give you support. I never had that in any other place that I've been."

Former Student

"I personally have benefited from the creative energy here. I gained confidence I did not have before." "Before Mill Creek, I didn't know who I was. I was stressed out all the time and worried about fitting in. After attending Mill Creek, I didn't have to worry anymore, because the people here were so accepting. I got to be myself, and express myself through art and music. I found out who I am."

2010 Graduate

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