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Learning Support

A Learning Center provides focused assistance for those students who need greater individualized attention. In this setting, problems of learning differences and specific academic and social concerns are addressed working one-to-one with students.

The Afterschool Program is offered to students who choose to take advantage of individual tutoring or who wish to get back on track academically.

The Summer Program enables students to complete needed credits and continue with instruction without too long an intermission. This program also provides continuity and structure for students with learning and academic deficits.

Career and Transition Counseling provides vocational testing, assistance with college and job searches and life skills that are necessary outside of school.

For students who require Learning Support we can offer remediation in the following areas:

  • Attention — the ability to focus on relevant information to the exclusion of irrelevant information, to maintain attention, and to shift attention.
  • Oral Language — auditory comprehension and oral expression of linguistic information at the lexical, syntactic, semantic or discourse level.
  • Phonological/Orthographic Processing — auditory discrimination, phonological awareness, phonological decoding, and the ability to represent linguistic information in writing.
  • Fluency/Automaticity — the ability to automatically and efficiently retrieve linguistic information from long term memory.
  • Memory/Learning — short term and long term memory for verbal or nonverbal information presented auditory or visual modalities.
  • Executive functions — processing speed, concept formation, problem-solving, mental flexibility, response inhibition and organizational/planning abilities.
  • Visual-Perceptual/Visual-Spatial — discrimination, analysis and synthesis of visual form and spatial relations.
  • Visual-Motor — integration of visual information and motor output necessary for graphomotor (e.g., handwriting, drawing) and constructional tasks.

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