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How To Apply
Referrals are usually initiated by the student's home school district. Materials about the student are sent to the director of the school. When the materials have been reviewed and the applicant appears to be a potential candidate for placement, the student and family are invited for an interview and tour of the school.

If at this point the applicant seems appropriate, we will ask the student to visit the school for a few days (if school is in session). The student will be assigned a temporary advisor and will be asked to attend classes and activities. At the end of the visit we will make a decision about acceptance, and the student, the family and the school district will be informed. Directions to the school are available here.

For private referrals, the initial contact should be made by emailing the director at christina.kelly@uphs.upenn.edu or calling the director at (215-471-4900). The intake process is the same, but details of financial arrangements need to be agreed upon before a student may begin.

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