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For more than 30 years, The Mill Creek School has been a place where young people have had the chance to experience success in school. Emotional or social concerns, difficulty adjusting to a mainstream school environment or patterns of self-defeating behavior may have created a roadblock that seriously affected the student's academic or social development. Mill Creek is a place where adolescents learn to trust and express their feelings, make choices and handle peer pressure, and establish satisfying and meaningful relationships while getting back on track academically.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Mill Creek School is to provide a quality educational program to adolescents in a supportive setting that encourages personal, social and academic growth.

We are committed to offering opportunities that enable our students to achieve their highest level of critical thinking, value themselves and others, and be prepared to move on as knowledgeable citizens who are prepared to contribute to the communities in which they live.

111 North 49th Street – Philadelphia, PA 19139
phone: 215-471-4900 | fax: 215-471-9639 | www.millcreekschool.org

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